Blog Mission, Book Idea, and Writing about Characters with Special Needs

Please pardon my dust as I am trying to reorganize my writing life. As part of that effort, I am trying to restart my blogs. Here goes. . . .

This blog is about the experience of having a child with special needs, and what we do with our son to prepare him for the real world. I also like to write here about local events and other things that are family-friendly, that any family could attend, in addition to reviewing local and regional attractions from the perspective of a parent of a child with special needs.

Now, my readers may remember that my son has autism. We have to keep a lot of things in mind when we go anywhere, any time. So I try and include information that parents of children and teens with autism (or other kids with special needs) would want to know.

By the way, I would like to let everyone know that I may compile some of these experiences together into some kind of self-published booklet of some kind — I’m thinking of a travel book — and make it available to parents of kids with special needs. What do you think?

So, please send me feedback on this idea, if you would. Thank you in advance!

One other thing. . . As I am a writer (and artist/crafter), I have multiple projects going on all the time. One of my current works in progress is my novel, which I have been working on, off and on, for several years. My main character has ADHD. I wanted that from the beginning. I always wanted that to be a large part of her character, and something that would make things, well. . . less than easy for her. I guess I’m mentioning this because I am working on it so much these days. And I keep thinking about how to write about the experience of disability — keeping it real, as they say — and not make it seem that terrible, either. Because I do want to show the ability. Because people with special needs are more than their disability. They do have skills. They have abilities that are not always noticed. And maybe they should be.






About Heather Dewey Pettet, Writer/Crafter

I am a writer, editor, artist and crafter, as well as a mom. I have done community journalism as well as written on my personal experiences. I have been writing professionally since 2000. I have covered community events and news, been a freelance copyeditor, and written on my experiences as a breast cancer survivor. I am also a mom to a great boy who happens to have autism.
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