A different kind of baseball

 This Monday was Kyle’s last day of Fall Ball, which is a clinic of sorts for his baseball league, which prompted thoughts on this experience (warning: somehow this came out sounding sort of like a poem ;0 ). How to sign up for the regular season is explained below. 



Kyle loves baseball. 

He loves playing with his dad.


Who is a coach. Who coaches Kyle’s team.

Which never loses. There is no score.


They do this for the kids. Who never care.

The kids are just glad they are playing.


Because other kids do it, too. Their siblings, their  friends. 

They play baseball.


Lackadasical rules help them with their hits. However many pitches it takes to hit the ball. Or hit it further, depending on their ability.


For some, this is therapy (That’s how I look at Kyle’s experience with baseball. Because he can work on his social skills. Also,  it’s that he actually plays with other kids. Sort of).


For others, it’s play. 


Play ball!



Clearwater Little League Challenger Baseball’s regular season is from February to approximately late April. Age range is ages 6 to approximately 25. If anyone is interested in signing their children up, please call Clearwater Little League’s Challenger Division Vice President Jim Scheuerman at 727-441-9047, or email him at clearwaterchallengerbaseball@gmail.com.  


The 2014 season will be played at Sid Lickton Field, at 714 Saturn Ave., Clearwater, which has recently undergone renovations.


About Heather Dewey Pettet, Writer/Crafter

I am a writer, editor, artist and crafter, as well as a mom. I have done community journalism as well as written on my personal experiences. I have been writing professionally since 2000. I have covered community events and news, been a freelance copyeditor, and written on my experiences as a breast cancer survivor. I am also a mom to a great boy who happens to have autism.
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